Port Barton

El Nido and Coron are already pretty well-promoted corners of Palawan, but Port Barton still retains that local identity that makes it unique. Although electricity is now supplied all 24 hours, and more and more hotels and restaurants are appearing here, its unpaved streets, relaxed atmosphere, and the opportunity to enjoy its beaches without making trips to nearby islands make Port Barton a favorite vacation destination for many travelers.

The town is located in the middle of Coron Bay on the northern end of the island. It’s a great spot for snorkeling or scuba diving because there are usually schools of fish swimming around in the water. You can also go hiking on nearby Mount Mantalingag or explore the caves in El Nido and El Nido City. If you’re staying longer than two days it’s worth going to Puerto Princesa which has some great beaches as well as tourist attractions like museums and malls which have restaurants and bars where you can spend time after your day at sea!


Port Barton is located halfway between Puerto Princesa and El Nido. To get to Port Barton from both places, you can use buses and minibuses that make daily routes in this direction.

If you want to visit Port Barton from other places in the Philippines, you must get to Puerto Princesa or El Nido and then use public transport or a taxi.

The trip from Puerto Princesa Airport to Port Barton takes about 3 hours, sometimes a little less, because buses usually go very fast and make one short rest stop.
The companies that organize such a route are RECARO, Lexus Shuttle, and SBE. Opening hours are from 07:00 to 17:00; the fare is from $8 to $11. Book a seat on the buses from Puerto Princesa to Port Barton.

You can get to the bus terminal from the airport by tricycle or a small jeep (multicab). The fare is 12 pesos per person. But if you prefer a private tricycle, it will cost about 100 pesos for this 10-15-minute route.

If you are traveling in a group, you may need to rent a whole Lexxus Shuttle Van nine pax. Prices for a minibus for nine people range around $80.

The most convenient way to get to Port Barton from El Nido is by minibuses, which travel several times a day from the bus terminal in El Nido. Departure at 08:00 and 13:00. In the high season, an additional bus is allowed at 17:00. The journey takes about 4-5 hours, costing $15 per person. Here is the booking link.

Since July 2019, flights have been operated from Manila to the San Vicente Airport (SWL) adjacent to Port Barton.


You will probably enjoy just relaxing in Port Barton, taking your time, and enjoying the peace and relaxation. Nevertheless, there will always be something to do here.

Walking through the coconut jungle growing along the small but beautiful Coconut Beach is nice.

Small boats depart from Port Barton, allowing tourists to explore the paradisiacal neighboring islands, such as Exotic Island, Cayoya Island, or Capsalay Island. In addition, the snorkeling stops are fabulous and include places where you can see green turtles and swim next to them. But, please don’t touch them.

Waterfalls around Port Barton

Pamuayan Waterfalls – a walk to this small waterfall will not leave you indifferent. If you’re hungry for adventure, you can also walk to Bigaho falls.

Kayaking in Port Barton

Rent a kayak and sail to Starfish Island, dotted with starfish.

Port Barton’s sunsets

The sunsets in Port Barton are unique and unforgettable. I want to enjoy them again and again.

Bioluminescence in Port Barton

When the sun goes out, go to a dimly lit point and stir the water a little, it will seem to you that you have started hallucinating!


Every year, more hotels and hostels appear in Port Barton, where you can stay overnight, and more exciting options are offered for small resorts with a swimming pool or cottages with all amenities. Undoubtedly, it will not be difficult for you to find accommodation to your liking in Port Barton. But, in any case, due to the growing popularity of this place, it is worth deciding the issue of accommodation in advance. This is especially important during high season times such as Easter, Christmas, or Chinese New Year. On the hotel map, you can choose and book your favorite hotel in advance:


The best time to visit is from November to May.

Arrival fees: An environmental fee of 50 pesos is charged for each day of stay. It is better to always have a receipt with you, especially if you plan to travel to neighboring islands.

Health: There are no hospitals or clinics in Port Barton. You will have to be transferred to Puerto Princesa if something happens to you. Travel with good insurance that covers the transfer!

Food in Port Barton: Cafe Gacayan – for 50 pesos, you can get a portion of rice, a stew of the day, and a drink, good pizza at Gorgonzola Pizzeria

Security in Port Barton: Unfortunately, there are sometimes hotel thefts in Port Barton. Carefully read the reviews when booking accommodation!