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The Philippines will appeal to fans of beach holidays and lovers of active pastimes: hiking, diving, snorkeling, cycling, skydiving, surfing, and other exciting entertainment this amazing country can offer. And we will tell you about interesting places and give you detailed instructions on organizing a trip to the Philippines on your own.

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Snorkeling near Coron Island

The city of Coron is the starting point for trips to dozens of beautiful islands scattered across a huge bay between the islands of Busuanga,


Snorkelling off Bohol Island

There are three options where you can go snorkeling and enjoy the underwater world of this beautiful island. The best options are snorkeling on the islands of Balicasag and Cabilao.

Weather in the Philippines

The Philippines generally has a hot climate zone with high humidity levels. However, there may be some differences in the weather on the eastern and western sides of the archipelago.

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Visas to the Philippines

On February 10th, 2022, the Philippines re-opened to fully vaccinated tourists. Many people are wondering if they need a visa to visit this amazing country.

Insurance for the Philippines

Even if a tourist does not need a visa to visit the Republic of the Philippines, the migration police will ask for a return ticket